Proverbs 20:29: The glory of young men is their strength, and the splendour of old men is their gray head..

  Psalm 103:5.: Who satisfies your mouth with good things, so that your youth is renewed like eagles..

1 Tim 4:12: Let no man despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity.

 It is important that we fasten these words to our hearts at a time when 

1) The pressure is so great to conform

2) The most important thing is fitting in.

3) The leadership cadre is filled with aged peeps who think nation building is their exclusive preserve and as such youth should not be given a chance.

4) When crime, impunity and several social vices are the order of the day.

5) Character, integrity e.t.c. and other Godly virtues are overlooked.

6) Politicians engage youths more negatively than positively

 I want to remind us all that as young leaders that we are, we remain the BUILDING BLOCKS OF OUR NATION

 The Stronger the youth of a country, the more developed that country turns out to be. Hence, the need for us all to m channel our strengths, talents and resources to highly productive ventures that will stand us out and bring forth the desired growth to our dear country Nigeria. The youths of the present day make up the millennial generation.  More like batteries, we can be powered, repowered and empowered considering our numerous potentials. These potentials have however not been harnessed, or seem to be inexistent due to certain environmental factors (family, media, peer influence e.t.c.)

 It takes Hard work, focus, discipline, integrity, sheer determination, focus, discipline, Personal Branding, Self development, Measuring up e.t.c. to earn us our rightful place as leaders in our great nation  It is sad to note that a bulk of the present day young leaders are not faithful in the little positions of Leadership they occupy today.. 

E.g. Faculty associations, Departmental association and state associations just to mention a few.. At the end of most tenures, you hear shocking and highly alarming mismanagement and you are like *OMG*!!!  My Dearly Beloved valuable ambassadors, These nonsense must stop! The revolution starts with our innate Characters and values.  Our integrity must not be questionable at any given time.  We must be like the Naira note, such that “no matter how much it is squeezed, torn, mishandled”. The value remains the same.  The percentage energy of youths in the African continent is ridiculously huge, but grossly underutilized. What’s better, we’re charged up..


 Taking a look entrepreneurs, young people are making sense out of nothing. Solving problems that the the older generation never even noticed. But the number remains grossly inadequate… But then, Like Apostle Paul would say.. .”Men and brethren, what shall we do”.  In no particular order, let’s roll…

 1. Conviction: 

Young leaders should believe in one nation-a-lity , be convinced that ‘I am not me’, ‘he is not him’, but “we are us”. We are responsible for one another and so  Nation Building remains our collective responsibility. 2. Education:

Young Leaders should get proper education, so, they would have a firm stand whilst trying to hit a target.

No one wants to see a dentist with bad teeth. You can’t say, you want to do something for your nation and not know your ABC.

Critical talks, debates and symposiums should be engaged in by young leaders, so as to keep people’s brain grinding. The essence and politics should be ruminated on during political discussions to keep the government on its toes and make them see us as Leaders today and not just tomorrow. Read!! Read!! Read!!!Study and also research intensively..

 3. *Orientation:*

Young leaders should endeavor to learn the right things from older leaders and elder statesmen and shouldn’t only criticize.

We must constantly seek information that will boost our database of knowledge, constantly “Orientate and Re-Orientate our selves”

 I strongly opine that if the aforementioned points are “embedded in the hearts of young leaders especially the ones in the Niger delta Creeks, the Bombings and destruction of our Commonwealth would not have started at all”.

 4. Rightful Association:

We should endeavor to foster, peace, unity and familiarity by bringing the members of the nation together through uniting associations such as VALUEX NETWORK, sports, festivals, ceremonies etc.

Association with the right people will take your minds off evil vices and prime you towards productive ventures. Remember, “Show me your friend/s and i will tell you who you are”.

 5. Dedication:

Young Leaders shouldn’t just talk the talk, we must also Walk/Work the talk i.e. be able to dedicate their time and energy towards national development.

We must speak, act and remain active..  If the Apostles in the Bible failed to act, there wouldn’t have been an “ACTS OF THE APOSTLES” Our voices must be loudest at all times.

 On a final note… 

“The world demands a quality of a youth: not just as a time of life, but as a state of mind, a temper of will and a quality of our thoughts and imagination”. Robert Kennedy: WHAT YOU THINK IS WHO YOU ARE!

What thoughts run through our minds daily ?

 As Young Leaders, the goals of our society and quality of life we earnestly crave for/desire can be shaped by the grounds and discipline we can cover mentally, in short, We are the momentous vectors of socialization especially as it concerns nation building.. A better NIGERIA 🇳🇬 starts with a better me and a better you.

We must always set the pace and this must be embedded by us all.

 In summary

Character +Diligence +Discipline+Knowledge(Education)+ Energy+Access= OUTSTANDING PRODUCT.



COMPILED BY:Explanet Information Management Department



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