What comes to your mind when you hear the names.
Adolf Hitler …………

MESSI …………..

Basket mouth…………

Steve Jobs…………..

Osama bin ladin………..

TB Joshua……………

Olamide badoo………….

W.F kumuyi………….


Kim K…………….

Pete Edochie…………

Frank Edoho………..

Bill gates……………

Derenle Edun…………

Micheal jackson………..

 I expected…
War Lord

Excellent footballer


Apple or I_products


Miracle worker

Hardcore naija rapper

Holiness minister

Chief looter

Beautiful and trendy


Crazy TV personality

King of pop

 What we just did was to match each person with what he is/was known for.

 My overview includes:



*Factors that determine a brand

*personal brand

* why we must have a brand?

*How to develop a personal brand and maintain a good one

What is a brand?

Brand is simply a specific type or variety of something,  a distinctive style or manner. It can also be pictured as  a specific products,  or providers so distinguished.

 Now what is branding? This is simply the process of cumulating and communicating your brand.

Factors that affects a brand:

*A brand promise

*The brand perception

*Brand expectations: A brand promise is what a product or person hopes to deliver.  You go for something because of your belief for the positive results you would get.

The brand perspective: What people truly think and feel about your brand.

Will they want to see these products again?

A brand expectation: This is up to the users of revivers to do lots with their products or services. E.g. Glo expects you to rule your world using their services. Airtel hopes to move you ahead.

 Now lets talk more on personal branding.

The concept of personal branding came up in 1997 from someone named Tom Peters and he put it as “creating an image of who you are and what you want people to think about you” Or simply put that branding is all about your reputation.

Now, you may want to link it with reputation gained over the years. Someone may want to ask his/herself this question: Who do people think I am? Or What do people feel about me?

 You will be surprised to realise that JESUS CHRIST was concerned about his personal brand. Because the bible recorded that He asked his apostles this question. “Who do people say I am?” This means we need to be aware and conscious of the signal we send around to people who know and don’t even know us because a good or a bad brand spreads more than a rumour. I’ve heard people describe someone with very disgusting/pleasant adjective or phrases just at the mention of their names. You will hear something like:

That babe is a slut

That guy is a workaholic

He is always broke

I wish l  was like her

Don’t even mention that guy’s name here.

 Come to think of it: Assuming you’re an opposite sex, can you date someone like you, or can you have yourself as a partner? Can you even marry yourself?

Let’s take a look at some excellent brands.

 It is believed that Coca-Cola has reached places the gospel of the lord Jesus hasn’t reached. True or false?

 When you talk of long distance races everyone will clear the road for the *Kenyans* True or false.

 If l ask anyone anywhere in the world to give me Five best football players

You will hear:










You know why the two have been a principality

They have reached what  ABRAHAM MASLOW termed SELF ACTUALIZATION.

 Trust me we have the negative brands too..  Someone wants you to tell him a T.V channel where he can watch fake miracles. sure you know one too. When someone is asked of very corrupt countries am sure you will know one. These are personal branding. What people see from afar is your charisma but coming closer they learn to have a feel of your character. So your brand is your radio signals. Someone said that your body is the true picture of your soul. Branding is all about what you display on your personal screen. Am sure some of us have hissed when someone puts on a channel that we don’t feel like watching. That’s how we are when we approach people. Are people going to hiss or smile

 You may want to ask…..

Why do l need a personal branding Why do I need to have a kind of picture on people’s mind? Some will be like do l really care?

Why do l need a personal brand?


*I need to standout

*I am unique

*I need to be responsible

*I am an identity ( no one is exactly like me)

*l need to carve a niche for myself

*I need to preserve my identity. 

*I’ve got a legacy to birth.

How  to develop a personal brand.

Develop an assessment of your personality (be honest with yourself)

Do a SWOT analysis.

Internal and External.

*Analyse and discover how far is the distance between your present self and your tomorrow picture. Work towards closing the gap

*identify your brand/personality

*How do you want people to perceive you? Make adjustments to meet up

*Leave your life the way you want to be remembered.

* build your strength around your passion and watch it grow

*Associate yourself with a strong brand.

You need to be associated with a strong brand so you can stand strong.


Three “C”  I have discovered affects our personal branding.

They include

Your *College*

Your *Colleagues*




character leads to conduct and conduct is all about your *person*

 I also have reasons to believe our *Choices* also matters.

As I conclude. …don’t forget that:

*Excellence is a necessity

*Decorum is highly needed.


*Packaging matters the most.

FACILITATOR: Victor Enamudu Pythagoras

COMPILED BY: Explanet Information Management Department

© Explanet


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