Everyday of my life, I have one thought that keeps popping up. About how life has evolved from what it used to be to what it has become. I think of those who gave their all to see our society transformation to what it is now in enhancing our lives and I say two prayers.

God bless their souls from where ever they are and that I should be able to take state of society and life from this state to the ideal state as conceptualized in my mind. I look at the cars, all the invention, innovation in all areas of society I know that all those who made this possible are forever living.

I wonder about what it truly means to live and the possibility of immortality.

Hence my topic reads *Living forever* ( initial and unending flow of inspiration/motivation required for attainment of ideal life)
The emergence in reality is predetermined but relevance/ posterity is primarily man’s making. The soul/mind of man was made to live forever transgenerationally on earth. The ultimate moral purpose is to live forever. So long as God remains true to his words, so long as the earth and heaven will remain and possibility of living forever is undeniable for anyone who chooses to.

I want to live forever is and should be recognized as the metaphysical composition and outcry of the mind of every man. His greatest ambition,  deepest yearning and strongest passion.

The best and only place possible to live forever is to live in and through other people. I have always said that there’s no limit to the endless possibilities of who man can become and what he can achieve with everything reality has to offer him. Imagine the primitive times and era of man’s history, how life has evolved, evolutionized  revolutionized and the disruption that has taken place throughout the history of man and what reality has turned to become.

With the different issues, misconceptions and controversy in people’s ideologies and philosophies that influence their characters and the reality we are experiencing today am wondering how some people think and what it means to them when they are asked,

*Are you Living*?


*Are you Alive*?

*How do you know*?

For me, in line with my philosophy, I am always very careful to exactly tell what things are as they keep changing rather I use some characteristics to help me describe and explain the concept then let people give it their definition based on that. Hence I will not be defining the concept of life or living directly but would take us through those fundamental characteristics, to guide us in answering that question rhetorically to ourselves and be very honest. 

Who remembers the acronym those years in school for explaining the characteristics of living things ?


But here, because we are talking about living forever it is going to be MR NIGER








These are the core characteristics that explain the concept of living forever. The reproductive ability of man that makes him to remain in existence but the misconception about this in philosophy as regards the idea of living forever is that people don’t understand that the person they produce physically through reproduction is a different person. Infact from inception there have never been two people who are the same and till the endless eternity, will there ever be, there is only one individual existing once in a lifetime. Hence the idea of reproduction is in creating something in producing something that will represent you and keep satisfying a need (what human life and happiness is dependent on) as if it was you doing it when you are no more existing. That’s why you hear that a person is birthing a vision or idea, in my philosophy it takes only one individual to birth a vision but in biology it takes two. it’s not about a big dreams or vision – Just look out towards reality see the different aspect of life it could be the vision of making the ideal family, marriage, love story, raising an extraordinary child, being or description of the model of the ideal man etc never have been told or seen in man’s entire history which he had always craved for but has never been opportuned to witness or achieve
*Growth and nutrition*

Establish what you need based on the knowledge of your metaphysical composition, your mind is your most valuable resources that will tell you what you need most in life in order to live is knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It’s with your mind that you are able to identify what things are detrimental or enhancing and the food to grow the mind for it to function well in this and other areas Is the feeding /nutrition, listen to ayn rand she said that which is required for man’s life is already set /predetermined by his nature the only choice open to him is whether he will discover it. What does this tell you, understand that your mind is you and for your mind to function well in helping you understand your nature and direct you to find the food that it needs to help you achieve, to help you escape evil because ignorance is man’s greatest enemy, if you see something that will help you, you will be fighting it and the one that will kill you, you will be embracing it. You need knowledge, philosophy(wisdom) and understanding food for the mind and that’s what explanetworks is doing if you value your mind more you will value those that have it’s food and gives them to you at the least cost.
The nature of a car is set such that, what it needs to remain functional is fuel if the car was a man who had to choose and without knowing he chooses to feed on water and he knocks his engine, his major enemy is ignorance which comes from not feeding his mind with knowledge and understanding which will help him identify and choose correctly. In all of our choices career best for me, people best for me, relationship best for me, environment organization etc best for me it is your mind that you have to trust to be able to tell you the truth but if you neglect it and fail to feed it right for it to function well, it will be lying to you at your own detriment

Things are not pure in themselves especially having mixed up with other things that adulterate them they become toxic, to live forever the impurities in the knowledge you feed your mind with must be reviewed periodically. I think it’s among what we’re doing today, purge them out delete them rearrange them and exchange them, it’s a circle here you know what can kill you can give life to another. The basic idea as much as the goal is to attain knowledge of absolute truth we have to constantly learn, unlearn and relearn

Like oxygen is to the food we eat, let’s inhale power to act on our knowledge from the source of our inspiration. I think my friend dymistified the topic yesterday.

Find motivation in words and inhale enough as often as possible to propel and keep you in motion, the more inspired and motivated you are the more you are able to live and the greater your chances of never getting to die. And of course exhale the destructive words that doesn’t inspire you.
*Movement and Irritability-*

As things keep changing and evolving your products must be able to move along with the changing situation if the idea of the motor vehicles was not a forever idea it would have been scrapped of like the type writer by

Distrusptions. Distrusptions are those new invention that helps us know things that cannot live forever. check what it is that your idea visions or what you want to reproduce out of your self what things can come up to end its life and respond and move accordingly. The forever living idea and keep moving to fit into any changes that might come up and keeps going from generation to generation. 

Are you moving? 

Can your offspring  move?

Having discussed these few characteristics conclude by downloading things to do to achieve the forever life.
*Positive motivation*- Achieving life is not the equivalent of avoiding death. Joy is not the absence of pain.
You seek escape from pain. We seek the achievement of happiness. You exist for the sake of avoiding punishment. We exist for the sake of earning rewards. Threats will not make us function; fear is not our incentive. It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live. You, who have lost the concept of the difference, you who claim that fear and joy are incentives of equal power—and secretly add that fear is the more “practical”—you do not wish to live, and only fear of death still holds you to the existence you have damned. To achieve living forever you must begin to let people know you for what you stand for not primarily what you are against.
*Never stop dreaming*: Although it’s said that the best way to achieving your dreams is to first wake up but I tell you to keep it alive and you in motion and focus you need to keep dreaming. Like Joseph he never stopped dreaming even though he had no plans on how to actualize it that dream kept him alive and going until he arrived, life is full of ups and downs things done always go according to plan but keep dreaming that is the key. Things that be came out of the things that be not. The really real is the image of reality or a portion of it in man’s mind. So many people deceiving killing themselves about wanting to live forever by Bearing children instead of focusing on raising children even if one don’t have it’s not worthy kill themselves. Bearing children don’t guarantee living forever but the million of existing people who have no parent to raise them into becoming the kind of people who can create and make the ideal society possible is lacking. In raising, your image of your values is built into their mind and is easily transferable.

Create a vision by focusing on the needs of men not their wants, that which a man needs is a necessity that which he wants is a luxury
Need is something without which survival/to stay alive is not possible.

Want is something/amount of something without which survival/to stay alive is possible but happiness ecstasy and satisfaction is not

The most essential need of man is (knowledge, philosophy(wisdom), understanding)

Just look out towards reality see the different aspect of life it could be the vision of making the ideal family, marriage, love story, raising an extraordinary child etc never have been told or seen in man’s entire history which he had always craved for but have never been opportune to witness or achieve. Pouring out of your spirit into reality soil and let it grow as a tree that it’s root goes deeper into the ground under the oceans producing fruits for men generation after generation. 
Let it be like: Harken and heed nature’s call deep within your soul Know that reality has gone through many stages to have arrived to what we have now, is this it’s best state, what is it ideal state, what can I do to make reality conform into the image of my values.
To paint it in the color of my reflection of beauty of my mind,

To let it play out loud in the melody of the rhythm of my soul

To construct shape reality into the structure framework of our widest imaginations

Reflect on these songs

He lives in me – Diana Ross

Forever young – akon

Make it a better place- Michael Jackson

We are the world – Michael Jackson

I was here – Beyonce
Bearing this in mind . The longest life may fade and perish,” wrote Theodore Powys, “but one moment can live and become immortal.” make a moment and impress it into the soul of men

FACILITATOR: Aniakor Chinedu (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

© *_Explanetworks_*


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