Today, I have good news for you, leaders aren’t always those at the top of an organization. Leaders are individuals who in their own way have driven the community towards achieving greatness, affecting their area and creating a vision for the future. Leaders gather people and resources to achieve their vision. Now, how have you attained leadership in your community ?

How have you affected your community in 2016 ?

What are you going to do to affect your community in 2017 ? Let’s talk about our small success stories and our mission for 2017


As for me, I have imparted lives this year through my first aid trainings and also delivered talks to inspire youths and the girl child. However, I wish to do more in 2017 by reaching and touching more lives through collaboration and synergy. Lets examine the qualities of leaders and what it takes to be a successful leader. I tell you, today you need leadership skills to survive in all areas of your life, you have a dream, you need to be a leader to see that dream come through. We are leaders in our business, academic, personal and other endeavours.

*Qualities of a good leader.*

A good leader should posses these three characteristics:




I call it the Trinity.
*Dignity:* You need to have a good self image, self respect and also respect others. If you see yourself low i.e. low self esteem, you may end up facing humiliating issues. Hence, you must understand that you are endowed and you came with something.

*Humility:* Do not let your ego come your way while making decisions or while working with people. You need to respect the rights of other people, hear people out and strike a balance. Your decision should not be the final, hear people out, your employees, colleagues. They may have something better. You need to understand that you can learn from others and you don’t know it all.

*Integrity:* Be truthful.

Be truthful in your doings, when you say something, make sure they don’t give it a thought of doubt. Make sure it is the truth, organization is built based on integrity and organization can move further when their core value is built on integrity. So the question is how truthful are you ? 

However, we need to be focused, have a vision and plan strategically before delving into endeavors because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So please, cultivate the habit of planning before doing anything. Sometimes I see people fail and they keep on ranting why ?

I ask, did you plan before going into it? And they said no. However, you can compare yourself with someone who had planned, stayed all nights just to win. You need courage, the act of not giving up to complete your vision and lead.

You cannot do it alone, you need to cooperate and work with people.

Again, as a leader, what are the qualities that makes you successful ?
1. *Desire:* 

Have something burning inside you, something must have prompted you to lead or to give out to the community. That desire will serve as a fuel that keeps the light burning.
2. *Commitment:*

Give the endeavours time and devote your attention to it, that’s why it is said people of success are *focused.* _Perseverance and resistance is the key to success in any endeavor-  *khiv sheer*_
3) *Responsibility:* President Barack Obama once said in a leadership summit that if you want authority, you need to be more responsible.

Leadership is responsibility and please do not run away from it. You need to look after your employee, the people you are working with, colleagues e.t.c. You need to perform some duties, attend meetings, oversee situations and many more.

4) *Hard work*

Before you can be successful, you need to have worked, learned, lost money, attend seminars, given people, done things for free e.t.c. 

How many of us can give something for free ? I urge us that if we were more of takers in 2016, the coming 2017, we should be more of givers. Most people want instant gratification, that’s why they failed and fail to learn.

5: *Character:*

What you sow is what you reap, and it starts from your thought. If you sow a thought, you reap an action, if you sow an action, you reap a habit, if you sow a habit, you reap a character. It depends on what you sow either positively or negatively. If you sow a negative thought, you reap negative character.

It takes hard work to build a business but it takes character to sustain it. The same thing applies to any feat we have reached.
6) *Stay Positive:*

Always believe you can make it and be optimistic rather than being pessimistic. One of the reasons why people fail, is because they believe they cannot do it. An individual going for an interview believing prior to the interview that he cannot make it has failed.

7: *Give more than you get:*  When you give, you are investing and you will reap it in the future.

8: *The power of persistence:*  There are points where you want to give up or you even fail or you even have made a mistake or mistakes. Don’t give up, see it to the end and learn from your mistake.  Robert kiyosaki once said *”why give up, when you will end up giving up.”*

9: *Pride of performance:* 

You need to have a sense of fulfilment, that will drive you to achieve greater goals, celebrate small successes. Feel happy when you accomplish a feat and rejoice too with others.
10: *Be willing to be a student* 

Get a mentor.
Few steps to motivating others;
*Give recognition*

*Give respect*

*Make work interesting*

*Be a good listener*

*Throw a challenge*

*Help but don’t do for others what they should do for themselves*

Leadership skills are needed in all spheres of life and to survive in the civic world it is greatly needed. Sometimes, I cringe when people say they are not willing to take leadership positions. It starts somewhere, you develop other skills through it public speaking skills, networking skills, Human relation skills, communication skills and many more. It will prepare you for the future and help you attain a great feat.

So, I challenge you to be a leader today, we have leaders without position, you can be one. I am one too. So, come 2017, I encourage you to be a leader by influencing your society and affecting your area.

How have you affected your area ? 🤔🤔

A question you need to answer before entering 2017.

FACILITATOR: Kayode Alabi Kayfactor (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

© *_Explanetworks_*


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