Motivation according to my e-dictionary is an incentive or reason for doing something.

Tonight, I will deal with the second use – *reason for doing something.*

I’ll start with a short story.

Once, I bumped into my roommate’s gas cooker (we had lots of contraband then in my room in Queen Idia hall, U.I.). I was cooking that day at the balcony (personally, I stopped using the kitchenette when I discovered that our porters don’t go about with room keys, trust me, they never caught me cooking in the room 🌚) when I heard this American accent. I hurriedly dropped my pot, expecting to see a white girl with pointed nose.. To my surprise, it was one fair Oluchi with a nose not even close to pointed 😒 (beautiful though)..

I began questioning my roommate (after Oluchi had left the room). My roommate was like – that babe has never travelled out of the country o, she started when we were in 200level. She simply didn’t care what people said and now, she is doing great!

I think I was able to pick one or two things from her….

1. She had the right kind of motivation.

2. She was mentally and emotionally prepared to achieve what she wanted. Many of us had new year resolutions (that was early this year), but along the line, something happened

Some of the things that caused us to stop being motivated in 2016 are:

1.Negative comments from people 


3.Wrong company

4.Lack of physical activity

5.Lack of inspiration

6.Wrong view of motivation

I will speak on 3 or 4 of the afore mentioned.

*Failure or disappointment:* There is this common saying – *_It is okay to get down, but do not get down on yourself._*We do just the opposite many times. We get down on ourselves, we have enough stories of successful failures. The likes of Thomas Edison, Colonel Sanders, Walt Disney, Mary Crowley, Mary Kay Ash.

I particularly respect the last two people.

Mary Kay ash once went for a national convention in Dallas. She borrowed $12.00 to pay for her transportation and the hotel room. She took along cheese and crackers to eat for the 3 days… She got inspired, the next year, she became the Queen of Sales. Stories of these people are enough to tell us that one doesn’t fail by falling down, rather, one fails by staying down. They became successful failures because they didn’t give up. They were ever motivated

*Lack of physical activity:* Studies show that physical activity is linked to mental activity. I don’t know if we have also observed this – you tend to be more serious and productive when you take your bath at the start of the day compared to when you do not. Physical activity begets motivation, but many times this year, however, we decided to lay on the couch doing nothing. So, we stopped being motivated.

*Wrong view of motivation:*

The rule of motivation says: *”Get yourself in motion first.”* Start in your own little way. However, many of us wait for motivation before we get things done. As a matter of fact, many times, we are not inspired, so motivation is short-lived. Short-lived motivation only gets us cooked in the squat. Two things are bound to happen when motivation stops:

1. You may have to start all over again – like a pump primer who stopped half way.

2. You may have to settle for less or for average.

Both options are disastrous. Hence, it is better to remain motivated… In fact, Zig recommended that motivation should be daily.

The question now is *how do we go about this ?*

1. *Deduce and get accustomed to reasonable basis for motivation*

To start with, I will say there are 3 kinds of motivation: 

Fear motivation

Carrot/incentive motivation

Internal motivation.

*Fear motivation* is likened to the story of a young man who organized a feast during which he challenged his guests to swim the length of a pool which he claims he stocked with alligators. He challenged them with three fantastic prizes ($1,000,000, a thousand acres of choice land or his daughter’s hand in marriage).

The words were scarcely outta his mouth when there was a loud splash followed by a furious thrashing of water and the almost immediate emergence of a young man from the opposite side of the pool, who had just set a never-to-be-broken world record in swimming.

The young man, when asked to name his prize simply requested to know the name of the person who pushed him in the pool. Well, fear gave him a terrific speed in the pool. Is this the kind of motivation you will like ?

The question then is – *What motivates you ?*

The Israelites, after being frustrated for years, returned to their homeland with willingness, commitment and dedication. They really wanted to make up for the years in which they were denied freedom and equal opportunity. They had *internal motivation.* The result is evident in their prosperity this day. It pays to have internal motivation – this starts with inspiration.

2. *Obey the Goldilocks rule.*

The Goldilocks Rule states that humans experience peak motivation when working on tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard, Not too easy,  Just right. Realistic tasks/goals will go a long way in increasing the lifespan of motivation. You will most likely not back out easily.

Set realistic goals. Task yourself.

*No task, no score!*

3. *Get in motion:* 

Start with simple and achievable tasks. Start with a ritual (simple and achievable – may be as simple as opening your curtains early in the morning, boiling water for bath, getting dressed for jogging etc). Those simple task go a long way in setting you in motion.

Here is a statement by Twyla Tharp (a great and accomplished dancer)

“I begin each day of my life with a ritual; I wake up at 5:30 A.M., put on my workout clothes, my leg warmers, my sweatshirts, and my hat. I walk outside my Manhattan home, hail a taxi,band tell the driver to take me to the Pumping Iron gym at 91st street and First Avenue, where I workout for two hours.

The ritual is not the stretching and weight training I put my body through each morning at the gym; the ritual is the cab. The moment I tell the driver where to go I have completed the ritual. It’s a simple act, but doing it the same way each morning habitualizes it — makes it repeatable, easy to do. It reduces the chance that I would skip it or do it differently. It is one more item in my arsenal of routines, and one less thing to think about.

4. *Relate with people who are trying to solve the same problem as yours* – serious and enthusiastic people.

5. *Read your Bible and one motivational book at the start of the day*

Sounds somehow, but it really works!

Personally, I am more properly behaved and sober throughout the day when I read my Bible, rather than just pray during my early morning devotion. You tend to be more hardworking when you remember that God don’t sponsor flops. Your Bible and a motivational book will not only give you positive mental attitude, they will also improve your positive life attitude.

6. *Care less and do not stop moving.*

Focus on yourself.Don’t allow anyone dump garbage on your mind. Garbages come from different places. Could be from a friend, could be from the news (embezzlement, unemployment e.t.c). Garbages will most likely kill motivation, so, do not allow them. That way, you keep moving.

7. *Set a time limit to get over whatever.*

You probably wasted lots of time, money, opportunities, relationships etc, in the year 2016. It is okay to mourn those things that you lost. You can just tell yourself – well I did pretty bad in 2016, i will brood over it for 1 week, after which I will get over it. It is okay to mourn the loss but then, be true to yourself and make sure you get over the loss.

I made this my last point because I want you to start from there.

Brood over the things you wasted in 2016, and make strategic plans for 2017

FACILITATOR: Miss Olaosun Pelumi

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department
© *_Explanetworks_*


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