Networking is a very broad topic and its importance cannot be overemphasized.  There are many definitions on leverage and networking but  our focus here is on business, therefore leverage means taking advantage or the ability to earn very high returns when operating at a high capacity.

While networking means the act of meeting new people in a social or business context.

Leverage on networking means ways by which we can take advantage or earn very high returns through meeting people.

Networking has been in existence since the creation of man and has always been leveraged on from the Hunter Gatherer period of humanity till date
When man was created, our means of survival was through hunting, Which brought about the Hunter- Gatherer period of humanity.
During this period men in the whole community come together, meet and go hunting. Anything caught or captured by these group of men is taken back to the community and it is divided amongst all community members.
Therefore, the network of the men in the community is what provides for the whole community (boys, girls, old, young, wives etc)
After the Hunter Gatherer Period came the *AGRARIAN AGE.*  During the Agrarian age, agriculture was the means of survival. But all lands then belonged to the Royals or Royal families
Before peasants could farm they had to meet with the Royals. The Royals too for survival had to lease their land to these peasants for a certain percentage of the farm produce.

It also happened here in the west. Then the Alaafin and other Oba’s collect Tributes.

For the survival of the royals and peasants they both had to meet each other (networking).

After the Agrarian age came the *INDUSTRIAL AGE.* The industrial Age was when the term *”JOB”* officially started.

When you have acquired a knowledge in a particular field, trade or skill either formally or informally, you seek employers or people who can exchange that knowledge, skill or trade for money or something valuable.
The Employer and the employee cannot survive without meeting each other.
Presently, we are in the information and technological era.

We have been in the INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGICAL ERA since 1989.
This is an era where it isn’t necessary for you to seek for a formal job or work physically, it is an era where your Ideas simply works for you.
Let me give an example. You would notice that those who were born before 1989 and are intelligent are always very intelligent regarding formal education. While those born after 1989 are more technological and information inclined. Which explains why children of nowadays can operate their phones,  computers, or other gadgets better even from a very tender age. While our parents or other older people can work harder.
We must have noticed the many applications on our phones each time we swipe through.

We should know that each of this application is a source of income for different people.  Who might not even leave their bed before creating the application but they have successfully networked with millions of people.

Having mentioned all these, it is important to 👇🏻

Build our education on Networking

-We should know how to interact with different sect. Because different sect with different motives. 

We have to earn/build trust with people we meet.

Respect ourselves, others and their different opinions.

Having worked on all the above, you can now work on information. We must have noticed the difference in the way networking was done in the previous eras. Now is time to network using information and technology. Leveraging now on networking depends on how your can inform people.

This brought about social networks, network marketing e.t.c.
With the appropriate education you can now leverage on networking through provision of social networks,  creating applications, network marketing e.t.c.
We all know what we do in Valuex is a network, our blog generate traffic from its members which gives room for advertisement. (a means of leveraging) This can also be transferred to a network marketing company. If we ask all Valuex members to join a particular network marketing company (another means of leveraging).
MULTI LEVEL MARKETING (MLM) is an industry just like other industries e.g textile industry etc. And this industry is categorize into two.

1) *Product based:* This are mlm companies that gives you goods or product in exchange for your money. e.g if you pay #12,000 to a product based mlm company’s account, you would be given some products worth your cash. So if you need your money back, you can decide to sell those products and get your money. Examples of such companies are GNLD, FOREVER LIVING etc.
2) *Service based:*

This are MLM companies that do not offer products in exchange for your cash but offers services like empowerment programs (tailoring, make up, catering etc

Or social responsibilities
In other words, you serve as a marketer for the company’s products or services and you are being paid for it.
Anything aside this two isn’t under the MULTI LEVEL MARKETING INDUSTRY.
PONZI schemes on the other hand don’t offer any product or service in exchange for your money. They just create a system of rotation of money in the economy.
Another major difference is that mlm’s provide a source of wealth for the poor or populace While ponzi scheme is for the survival of the poor or populace.

FACILITATOR: Mr Abdusalam Toheeb

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

© *_Explanetworks_*


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