I strongly believe that everyone here is a positive change agent. Though, the magnitude of such change may differ but the truth is that, we are infusing, infiltrating and influencing the culture around us with the right culture. By this, we are already taking over our respective territories. Thus, ensuring that we are the standard for others to follow.

To begin with, permit me to make the following statements

*1* Time changes and the currency of such change is the clock/wrist watch

*2* As time changes, we are to either respond or react to such change*

*3* You must become relevant before maintaining relevance

*4* Maintaining relevance is a choice

Note: Time change, people change, situations change, relationships change but the only constant thing is change. 
Change is of two types: Positive and Negative. I want to believe that our focus is on the former. Hence, the secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new. This means that, the end product of positive change is positive results and vice-versa.

From the above statements, I can therefore say thus: changing with times means one’s ability to alter some things. Mind the word *alter*. This means that as time changes, you are expected to change likewise. By change, I do not mean your look, dressing, having a new hair cut, hair style, and so on.

Friends, it is certain that *time* is neither fixed nor permanent. In like manner, we are not expected to become rigid nor unchanging in our ways, strategies, concepts, and so on.  The bottom line is that your response towards the changing times is rooted in one thing which is *attitude*.

By attitude, I mean your way of thinking, opinion, mindset, point of view, manner, stance, feelings, thoughts, approach, outlook, position, way of behaving, posture, line, view, standpoint, and pose.  It is often said that *attitude is everything*. This means that changing with times requires a change in your attitude. Unless this is done, you are far from being relevant before maintaining relevance. Whether you have a good attitude or otherwise, it will surely manifest in your relationship with others.

Why Attitude?  The general opinion is thus *attitude is everything*. So, everything we do, especially when it has to do with other humans. The focus is on making impact. When this is not not achieved. Though we have good attitude but the lives around us is not affected for good.


The key synonym to the word *relevance* is *significance*. To be relevant means to be important or significant. Thus, the marriage between change and time will produce an offering called relevant. In other words, when there is no relationship between change and time, the baby *relevance* will not be put to bed.
Going Practical:

Change is *You*

Time is your *Lover*

While Relevance is your *Offspring*.

*NB:* Your lover is never static but always on the move.

This means, for you to be fruitful i.e. give birth to an offspring called *relevance*, you must locate your lover and know *her*. Mind you, to locate your lover means, you can walk, jump, run, or fly in order to meet her. No one cares whether you walked, jumped, ran, or flew, the desired target is that you must find her and get married to her with the view of becoming relevant.

*1* Are we in changing times? If yes, please give samples of things that have changed?

*2* Who knows why things are changing?


Because change is constant

Friends, we are in changing times. There are basically two things we do to change. 

Change in government started as far back as civilisation, via colonial government. It later change with the famous event of independence in 1960.                                                     In 1963 Nigeria became a republic and later there was a sudden change in 1966 with the military government.          Change as a constant law brought the same military government to civilian rule.
Flashing back on the creation story, the creation of new things each day defines the laws of change

From the subject, it is certain that we are to respond to change. By responding, you must change your strategy, concept, standpoint and so on. While reacting is to complain or look for someone to blame.

Those who respond to change believes that nothing is certain in life, not even life. Hence, changing with times means becoming proactive and pragmatic in life. You have to sit up, make moves and effect the change you desire in your life. Friends, you must become relevant before maintaining relevance. To become relevant is for your own benefit while maintaining relevance is for others benefit. The question is, are you truly relevant or how relevant are you? This is a question for everyone to ponder on. Mind you, we are now in an era where practical is better than theory ceteris paribus. By extension, people must see and believe that you are important before they can give you the benefit of doubt to become important to them. You replicate who and what you are unto others.

In conclusion, I  believe there is nothing new I have said tonight. My charge for you is to ask yourself these questions:

*Who am I?*

*Why am I existing?*

*Am I truly important to myself*?

*Whose life am I helping to develop or destroy?* 

It is worthy to note that life is not fair . For you not to be disappointed, expect nothing. Hold this believe that

no one owes you anything but you owe everyone everything. With this attitude at hand, I can assure you that 

you are now ready to change with times and by extension, become relevant and maintain relevance. 

FACILITATOR: Moses Onyebuchi (Valuex Network Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department
© *_Explanetworks_


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