An open question to everyone and I want sincere answers; *WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO LOOK YOUR BEST ?*

To some, it may be:


_To enhance  confidence_

_Increase chances of getting the attention needed from prospective stakeholders_

_To get attention_

To be good looking, you will need the right attitude, the right style and the right tips. But here are 10 reasons why you need to look good and well packaged.

1. *BOOSTS YOUR SELF ESTEEM* It is common knowledge that when you look good, you feel good. It’s amazing what swiping on some red lipstick πŸ’„ can do for your confidence levels or the effect of that favorite cologne even on the cloudiest of days.
2. *KEEPS YOUR HYGIENE AND HEALTH IN CHECK* Many of the beauty rituals that we implement on a daily or weekly basis are actually doing some good to our bodies. Brushing of teeth, Exercise, Bathing, Moisturizing our skin are all helpful.
3. *COMMUNICATION* Looking good can be very helpful in your day-to-day interaction with people. You are bound to have a much more effective conversation when you’re not worrying about your hair being a mess or an ill-fitting shoe.

As shallow as it may sound, our appearance is a major factor in leaving a memorable impression on someone. If you’re not looking your best or appealing to the eye, keeping the other party’s attention may prove difficult. We all want to be the lady that stands out in the crowd or the man that stands out in the board room and is remembered long after they have left the room.
5. *ITS FUN* Let’s be honest. There’s a rush and surge of excitement you get knowing your curriculum vitae is well packaged or strolling down the makeup aisle contemplating the possibilities at your fingertips.

6. *IT MAKES You YOU* Whether it’s your well starched shirt, your haircut or hairdo, the unique reports you give, your smile e.t.c. It helps you express your individuality and innate uniqueness.

7. *HELPS YOUR PROFESSIONAL LIFE* While experience is key in the job department, an attractive exterior is also important in leaving that lasting impression. Good employees are those that put their best selves forward, and that includes their outward appearance.

8. *PROVES YOU ARE NOT LAZY* Nobody wants to be pegged as that lady or guy who strolls into the office or lecture hall with an unwashed face or missing buttons or rumpled clothes everyday. It’s much better to be the one that makes an effort to be poised and put together (even if there was very little effort involved).

9. *GIVES YOU A LEG-UP IN THE ROMANCE DEPARTMENT*  Looks play a vital role in the-ever-present game of attraction. Although personality can make or break a love connection, we can’t deny the powers of a first glimpse that brings on the butterflies.

10. *YOU FEEL LIKE IT* At the end of the day, we look good because we want to and because it makes us feel just a little more comfortable in our own skin. Life is too short to deprive ourselves of looking good.

Having known the need to look good and well packaged, *here are tips on how to be good looking and well packaged*


1. Take time to dress well and always dress for the occasion. If it’s a movie, dress casual and if its an interview dress formal. Some guys can be so ridiculous, they wear stripped on stripped.r polka dotted tie on a flowery shirt

2. Get a new haircut

3. Learn how to apply properly apply makeup. Ladies we don’t need to appear like a masquerade. Proper application matters We have been told times without number on this hub to live a healthy lifestyle

4. Drink water

5. Be hygienic, keep up with your physical maintenance

6. Get in shape through exercise

7. Attitude

8. Be confident.

9. Be a good person; develop a good character.

10. Be distinct

_A genuine beautiful smile is the answer_

In furtherance of a consolidated scope of the topic tonight; I love to support the need for packaging or branding with an example. 

A very young friend of mine is one of the organizers of the upcoming Made In Nigeria Project. To make the event remarkable, there is need for the organizers to bring up top dignitaries. Ife was delegated to champion the course of the invitation. This guy dresses top notch (posh and responsibly stylish). To cut the long story short, he was able to get a committed attendance of the Vice-president. Amazingly, he was able to get the Office of the Senate President.

Ife was not granted access into the corridors of the *Rich and Mighty* or the *Rank and File* because he was knowledgeable. However, it was simply because of his packaging or branding.

Moral of the story is that *You will be addressed by the way you dress*
What about developing a brand ?

GEJ is known for his hats.

Osinbanjo for his small black cap.

I like brown brogues with heels on blue jeans, and cheque shirts

The look of cow boys
*For men*

The first part of your body that a person looks at while approaching them is your legs. So you need to get a good pair of shoes on. Even if it is a palm slippers, get it polished. 
Upon approaching, the fragrance that comes from you will send the second message. You might need to get an affordable perfume or deodorant (better not to spray a perfume if you don’t have body odour than to use a Hausa spray ~parfum~)
If you’re like me that usually sweats after using a lotion cream, try to get a clean handkerchief. 

Nothing is bad if you put on a well pressed cloth. Tucking in isn’t a bad idea.

FACILITATED BY: Ms Salimonu Abiola

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

Β© _*Explanetworks*_


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