What is the term Social Media? 
According to INVESTOPEDIA; It is an Internet-based software and interfaces that allow individuals to interact with one another, exchanging details about their lives such as biographical data, professional information, personal photos and up to the minute thoughts. 

Social media originated as strictly a personal tool that people used to interact with friends and family but were later adopted by businesses that wanted to take advantage of a popular new communication method to reach out to customers, for example, by informing them of sales and offering them special coupons.

While on the other hand, a ‘Social Good’ is a good or service that benefits the largest number of people in the largest possible way. Some classic examples of social goods are clean air, clean water and literacy; in addition, many economic proponents include access to services such as healthcare in their definition of the social or “common good”.

What this means is that platforms which allow Information sharing Viz a viz, sharing pictures, messages, professional Information, all fall under this Sub head. To this End, the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, friendster, HI 5, Flickr. All direct are fitting square Pegs which fit into our description. And guess what? Even this Platform WHAT’S APP. The  interesting thing about Social Media is that it affords you as an individual interact with People of all sorts from CEO’s to Politicians, to Captains of Industries, Managing Directors.

But how can we use this medium to increase our marketing or out reach or connection to the world. 

What is the fate of those that don’t have much contact in what’s and other media?

Although, like the Common aphorism for every Great tool/power comes its resultant pro’s and Con’s. In other to increase marketing, Social media can be utilized to give a fitting face to your Brand ( depending) on the product as well facilitate easy penetration of the market in question. Plus the times we live in demands it. 

Why do I say so?

Plus, when it comes to marketing let’s all remember that you are either dealing with a Client, Customer, or just your ordinary End user. A Client is one who owes you a sentimental attachment hence the need to return back after the service in Question. A Customer (as against the Normal Nigerian Parlance) is one who comes back although with little or no emotional attachment to the end product or good or service as the case may be. The End User on the other hand is an undisturbed individual whose sole aim is to satisfy a pressing need (whether immediate or not). Thus the aim or any marketing, and as it rightly applies to this context would be a determinant of the TARGET.

Your Next Question which relate to the fate of those with less contact and other Media. The Truth of the issue is this, its all depends on the platform. Linked In for instance as well as Facebook have certain protection for accepting new Links or Friends as the case may be. But be that as it may, their functionality still permit you as an individual to add your interest (Linked). But For Whatsapp, Which is a little low on User Restriction A viz, contact saved permits easy access except your being Blocked. To sum it up, The Following tips have been recommended which I have tried myself while doing Social Media Marketing-

(1) Build Your Brand Name through awareness 

(2) Arm yourself with valuable Insights or Knowledge about your Customers, Clients or End users as the Case may be (3) Endeavour to Facilitate an unforgettable Customer/Clientele Experience 

(4) Find out what your Competitors are doing better to stay ahead in the Market 

(5)Run targeted Ads. 

(6) Build Relationships since no one forgets a “Good Customer Experience”.

Since Social Media Vary from Specifications such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, P Interest. (Pls note this list is Inexhaustible).
[Would you like telling us Why?

As common Social Media question asked on Twitter is How Do I Get more Followers? 

There was once a time I meet a woman,  she wanted me to help her design a advert board that she would place by the road side for her product. 

To do that sign board alone cost almost 30k asides the rent and tax she would pay to the government for that space. I told her I would rather build her a site and make pages on Facebook and Instagram and broadcast it to over 5 million Nigerians within a week, and she wasn’t going spend up to 30k. She was finding that hard to believe. 

The blunt truth simply is that, its really not about the number of followers, But instead, its about relevant followers

My point is that, nowadays people look at their phones more than road side posters. So the best way to get to the faster and better is through social media.  And it will only cost you data. Plus let me just add, Facebook as far back 2004 when it was officially launched started with some Harvard Boys (Now BIG BOYS) set of Matchmaking App now currently a Billion plus use it. In fact all you need do is to treat the few followers you have well “especially the females because they usually have many friends on social networks and they don’t even know how great that is” .

Once you do a customer Nicky they  recommend you, and if people recommend you online, that particular online post would be there forever and every time a new user sees it he or she might want to patronize you.

Its Not that simple although It ought to be- ONE HAS TO FLOW WITH THE STREAM Else one Will be an OBSTACLE.

Another Relevant Question to this Discuss is- Especially Linked IN—Is Should One Send. Linked In Connection Requests to people you don’t Know.?

 I am Very sure most of us Will say YES..!! I mean what’s there to lose?

The Truth is Linked In for Instance in its User Agreement doesn’t support and it has it has a Feature known as “I don’t Know this person”  which are monitored. When this gets to a certain level you stand being warned or restricted.

BOTTOM LINE- Since it a strictly professional Network, Yes! And acceptance is a two(2) way Traffic Its advisable you watch the amount of connections you make especially in Oversea Clime. For Ardent Twitter Users, am Sure it has crossed your Mind If Buying followers is a good Idea. The Straight and simple answer is Its Not

The Rationale why its not advisable is because you hardly would. Now who is who on your Network or Account.

Social Media is now on another level especially with Job Recruiters. A Close friend of mine who was interviewed for an Oil serving Job told me how his interviewers asked him during the interview to open his Facebook page during the interview/ Screening Process. The Good thing for him was he had little or no Skeleton to hide. The Bottom Line is Synchronizing. Social Media or The Informal as an Extension of our Formal Life is a price we all have to pay for  Usage of the Social Space.

Question 1

You talked about Social Media for Social Good, does it mean there isn’t the “bad side” of social media? If there is, please can you mention it, so we can avoid.

 Answer: Sure, there is a Old adage which say Every thing in Life. Comes in Two. Adam and Eve, Light and Darkness, Left and Right, White and Black, God Almighty and the Devil. May be even Messi and Cristian Ronaldo. If my memory reminds me well Of the Story of one Cynthia Osokogu. The deceased Daughter of General in this country who fell into a trap of kidnappers and murderers. How did it all happen? Story has it that she met her anonymous “Friend” turned killer on a notable Social Media platform, where she was drugged raped and later killed. The Morale of the account is not to say don’t accept friend Request. 

Hence the bad side can show case its Ugly head in these following ways 

(1) Reduced Productivity to Lack of Discipline in its usage 

(2) Privacy Issues especially with when people Knowingly and unknowingly accept friend Request from Strangers 

(3) Posting confidential details about one your lofesay Home address, Place of Work, Etc. 

(4) Increased Shyness especially; Guys or Ladies who are Excellent at chatting but have a huge deficit in face to face contacts.

FACILITATOR: Adeniyi Aderinsola (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

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