– _Passion (Do what you love and love what you do)_

– _Respect (Make people your priority)_

– _Vision (Clearly communicate the future)_

– _Humanity (Not just about the payment)_

– _Curiosity (Look, learn and listen)_

– _Integrity (Honesty above all, and to All)_

– _Pragmatism (Know something about everything and everything about something)._

This will guide our discussion. 

We might have asked ourselves at one time or the other

*_How does one become a CEO_* ?

*_What does it takes to become a CEO_* ?


This could also mean


Deep interest

Boundless enthusiasm

Do what you love and love what you do.

Being a CEO or a leader, it takes talent to get the job, it takes drive to keep the job.. 

But it takes *PASSION TO BE THE JOB*

A friend once asked me.. 

Taslim aren’t you ever tired of writing codes and developing software for people.??

I replied, programming is what I love, so doing it brings no stress and in return gets me fortune.

The point is if you do what you love.. You’ll enjoy doing your job.

That’s what it means by saying, it takes passion to be the job.

Do what makes you happy, dont do things because of the money, Else you’ll only get happy when you get paid instead of being happy always.

Hard work is critical but you still have to balance it with with time for family and friends.. One dimensional people often have issues..  So *even with your passion don’t be too into your work*

Balance your time, So work hard but smart.

The truth is that people will only follow a CEO who cares about what he does and show it to them too.


Respect as a CEO.

Make people your priority

A CEO should recognize that he/she can’t do the work alone. They would always need to depend on others to make the company better.

A CEO should also:

_Listen to others_

_Feel their concern_

_Delegate authority_ 

_Nuture the company’s talent_

*_Always treat people with dignity and respect especially those that work for you._*

If you follow this, you would attract talented people which you’ll find essential to your success. Best investment and strategies and tactics will fail if they don’t buy into it and input their energy and work force.

Then be wise and treat all as best as you can.

CEOs are more effective when they make everyone of his worker feel valued. Even down to the gate keeper. Nobody will follow you if you don’t treat them properly. 

Remember, no one gets to the top all by himself.


Intelligent foresight

All leaders must have a vision. Both business and political leaders. Plan for the future and the ultimate destiny of your company. But visions can’t come into focus without involving others. The people you lead want to know where you are going, hence you need to communicate the vision to them CLEARLY. Though the hardest part is developing a vision is to share. Most of us will be like “someone might steal my vision or idea”

My mum once told me,

Don’t be scared of sharing your idea with people you think would improve it. Trust God, share it. 

Even if they steal it,  the brain that brought out that vision and idea would bring up something better. At various points, you would be faced with big challenges, but note. 


Most times that’s actually your greatest opportunity.. So don’t turn back. Move forward. Always try to note what is vital and what is merely a desire.


Having humanistic value and concern.

A CEO should try to listen to issues that others experience, try to see the world as other sees it, be willing to be part of the community, and make a better environment for others to prosper. One must also understand how their actions impact not only their personal jobs but how they impact the community as a whole.

Like beimh able to see both the forest and the trees. Because soon enough, your accomplishments will be determined by other people and in the community.

Example, if you produce bread and you don’t care about the ingredients you use,  and to you the ingredients are cheap and will earn you much profit instead of using the costly but life saving ingredients.

When the community starts observing the harmful effects of your bread..You’ll never accomplish any aim

Rather you’ll go off market.

Leadership simply means trying to understand people,  and play a little part in their lives.

Like its said. No one knows tomorrow.


The desire to know and learn.

Permit me to ask 

_What do you need asides books to become a good CEO or leader in general_ ?

Being open to Change

You need to be able to listen to other people

Be Creative

Have a Mentor

Ability to think and take advice.

Don’t frown at criticism.


*One major thing we all need is CURIOSITY and the ability  to SATISFY it.*

Your trying to satisfy it brings out the real you. It’s like trying to defeat yourself.

Instead of learning in school to get high grades and get looks of honour for the sake of pride. Why not learn for learning sake and use it as a tool to satisfy your curiosity.

Each time we try learning in alignment with our goal we increase our world of experience and value.

In few years time,  you’ll be the most wanted because you are focused on your key area and not just following the crowd to learn and pass to have first position.

To be successful one must be willing to learn, apply new concept, and not be afraid of change.

Without change, you’ll go out of market in no time. Try learning at the margin of your ignorance. The more you know, the better you are equipped to tackle all the obstacles that meet you on your way to reaching your objective. 

*”I am still learning”* should be a constant word for a CEO. 

I don’t know it all, and I never will.



Learn your craft one step at a time.


Stand firm to a strict moral and ethical conduct. Integrity, doesn’t have a level. You cant have high integrity or low integrity.. 

*_If you don’t have it,  you don’t have it, if you have it, you have it_*

It’s what is earned every day, with every decision we make. 

By the way, *we are the choices we make*

Try to live each day like it would be the headline of the next day news. Also let’s try to do what ought to be done, when it should be done whether we like it or not.

Stand up for what is right, both in small matters and big ones.


This deal with the way we approach things. Leaders that are better are those that spend less time exalting their self, but put effort in letting others do.

A friend once asked, why do I like teaching people some courses days before exam, if they were that interested, why didn’t they listen in class or come to you before now.. 

I replied, I observe that each time I teach someone something I new, I know it twice as better as I did before teaching that person,  so the tendency of my passing that course is high and the tendency I forget it is low..

My point is, when you are helping, don’t feel cheated..  In the real sense you are helping your future unknowingly.

I once heard a quote. 

*_A CEO must dare to fail_*

A CEO that plays safe isn’t setting a goal high enough.


CEOs must accept that they don’t know it all. And would depend on some others for specific solutions to some issues. 

Those that don’t listen to others suggestions/solution are most likely to fail.

Know yourself, focus on your strength and talent and learn how to delegate on your weakness. You can’t do everything well, pick things that matters and concentrate on them. 

Things would get better with time.


Being better in strategic visionary, good communication and builder of competent team..  Makes you a good CEO

Keep yourself balanced on work, play, studies,  religious affiliation and HEALTH.

Thanks for your time.

And for giving me the opportunity to speak on this great platform.


Is there any wisdom for young CEO that is natural as in what you can’t develop yourself even if you don’t have it before.


Firstly, identify what you are passionate about.

Then try tailoring your present situation or skill you’ve waited or trying to acquire towards it. One thing is never think what you know or you are learning presently is useless. Most students do have that notion.


Which should one go for ?

What you love doing 

What you can do best

This question have been issues for me since my secondary school days.


Knowledge is like tools,

You naturally have a tool box. 

Each time you learn something new,  you add to the tools in your tool box.

You might come in contact with a very big engine that contains great treasure, and the only task is to lose it.

If you don’t have the complete tools to lose it completely in your tool box, you have missed out.

So always try to be ready by always learning.

My father would say.

*Learn something about everything and everything about something.*

At times being broke makes you think faster and get a precise choice of what you can do best. 

FACILITATOR: Taslim Temidayo(Valuex Network)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

© *_Explanetworks_*


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