For many of us, about 90% of our problems today are money related. If you have enough money today, most of your challenges would be resolved.

Many of us wake up every morning and diligently rush to work not really because we enjoy what we do or are passionate about what we do, we daily go to work and invest several hours working because we want to secure our monthly income, salaries and allowances.

Many of us today work very hard purely for monetary reward. We are not really passionate about achieving anything great, *outstanding or phenomenal,* we just want to do enough to impress our bosses, employers and retain our employment. We don’t go the extra mile, attempt to improving what we do or where we work, we just want to get the money.

Many employees today (Valuable Ambassadors inclusive) are just totally dissatisfied with their salaries, the pressure of bills, social security and increasing cost of living keeps driving them to seek for more money through career rather than opportunities for career advancement and success.

*_More money has become for many, the greatest distraction from a fulfilling career. They are not building careers anymore; they are hankering after cash returns._* So Sad! 😔

Many just assume that once they start working, they will automatically have enough money to meet all their needs and obligations. They never really think deep enough to suppose they may not be earning enough at some point to cater for all they will need to sort out per time and season in future.

This mind set unfortunately is rampant and common to the end that at employment interviews, even fresh graduates expect employers to pay them enough money to meet all their needs, not money based on the value they can add or contribution they can make to the business at that point.

A typical graduate with this mindset will calculate his cost of transportation, cost of feeding, clothing, recharge cards, accommodation and entertainment to fix his salary expectations from his employer.

Please I need 5 independent response to my question. 
_*With your present educational qualifications, competence and experience. How much do you think you should earn if you have to answer this question in an interview now*_

Independent response please 👍🏾 
I understood this not too long👇🏾

Expecting your employers to pay you based on your needs and not according to your contribution to the business is an *aberration.*

Today you may be unhappy with your employer and discouraged because your take-home cannot cover your responsibilities, this is a faulty expectation.

Many today do not have financial goals, plans, and strategies for their lives.

They just simply assume hardwork will bring more money, this is not true. Many also believe more qualifications will bring more money, this is not also entirely correct.
There are so many qualified people who are unemployed. In fact many people encounter more financial difficulties and indebtedness as their income grows, the more they make, the more they owe. A lot of people that appear to be very rich based on their possessions and lifestyles actually have sub-zero account balances, they live their lives on credit and loans.

Achieving financial freedom starts with *financial literacy.*

Money has life! It has certain behaviors that must be understood and properly managed if not, one could be rich today and be totally broke tomorrow. To enjoy a life free from borrowing, insufficiency and lack, you must be schooled in the science of money, money grows and diminishes in real value; a million naira today may not be as powerful as a million naira in six months.

You may probably enjoy a salary increase at the start of the year (Say January) and by the end of the year not be able to afford what you could afford before the increase, if the purchasing power depreciates.

Meaning you have not actually grown your income from an increase in salary, only the figures went up, the value actually went down. Purchasing power, inflation rate, foreign exchange, rising bills and domestic responsibilities are factors that can challenge your ambition to enjoy financial freedom.

*Valuable Ambassadors*, it’s time to sit down and plan your finances today, if you want to enjoy a perpetual life of abundance; you need to learn how to make more and manage better your income. 

You must learn superior ways to investment, secure your financial future, give your self and your family the best, and set yourself free from borrowing and indebtedness.

*Your employer does not owe you a good life; you owe yourself a good life. Set financial freedom as a goal, learn how today and go for the best you desire out of life.*

Thanks for your time.

FACILITATOR: Enamudu Victor (Founder, Valuex Network)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

© *_Explanetworks_*


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