In simple words could be said to be ‘able to use,at one’s disposal.

*Resources* can be said to be a stock or supply of money, materials, assets e.t.c that can be drawn on by individual for effectiveness. Betterstill, resources can be an action or strategy adopted for effectiveness.

A business dictionary further defined Resources as an _economic or productive factor required to accomplish an activity, objective. Resources are meant to be used to achieve desired outcome.

Put together, we can say 👉🏻 *_available resources are assets/productive factors at our disposal to achieve an objective i.e. Available resources cannot be put to use if there ain’t goals or objective_*

The concept of resources has been applied in different sectors with respect to economics, biology, ecology, management and human resources and is linked to the concept of competition, sustainability, conservation and stewardship.

*Harness* means to make good use of,draw from,maximize ,control especially for productivity.

*Effectiveness* is the capability of producing a desired result. i.e. the degree to which objectives, goals set out are achieved. Efficiency is performing or functioning in the best manner maximising time and effort.

….So put together

*Productive factors at one’s disposal to make good use of so as to produce desired result in the best manner maximising time and effort*

What then are the available resources to harness for efficiency and effectiveness ?_

Economics will tell us that our basic resources are *land*, *capital*, *labour*

Excluding these major resource is *TIME*

1. Land





Remember, if you are not informed, you will be deformed

In all of this, there has to be a mindset towards whatever goal set.

So I’ll add up to this list

6.Mindset -Mindset, whether positive or negative goes a long way in determining how effectively available resources will be harnessed.

*Land*- we know is a free gift of nature and we can’t talk about resources without talking about land. Its a resource available for all, therefore harnessing land involves the management and modification of the natural environment into built environment to achieve a goal either for comfort i.e. residental,commercial ( business) or agriculture.

*Labour*- consists of making good use of the people available to achieve a goal. To do this we have to make our labour/work force consist of people who have the same goal/objective so as we do

*Capital*- Our mind first goes to money, yes money is inclusive buy what do we use the money for when there isnt an idea ? 

So I’ll say we include our Idea here.

*Time*- is a limited resource, its also free but if not properly harnessed, it can never be gotten back.

However, unlike the other resources, the value of 1week could be gotten in a day if used/maximized well.

Another resource that cannot be overlooked is the *internet*, its a source of enlightenment.

👉🏻 *Conclusion*

I’ll round up with this short story we all know.

The parable of the talent.

The master gave 3 of his servants 5,2,1 talents respectively as he travelled ….. to the end two (2) servants were productive while one (1) buried his 1 talent.

In this parable there was _land_ i.e. where the 1 talent was buried,the _capital_ i.e the talent, _the time_ given to them i.e the duration, the time the Master spent on his trip, the _mindset_ is what made 2 to make more and 1 of the servant to bury.

Now, the two servants that used their resources were rewarded and we know the rest ………

All these resources are made available to be harnessed efficiently and effectively for achievement of our set out goals.
FACILITATOR: Ms Nkechi (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department, ExplanetWorks
© *_Explanetworks_*


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