Identity is essential to us because it has indelible effects on all our dealings in life.
It determines to a large extent what we can achieve in life, our identity also has a direct link to the conception of people about us which invariably is a *big deal*

Our existence is based on series of relationships.

Identity equivalent



Image determines identity.

What image does our being project ?

How can it help us to be better than we presently are ?

What identity are we labeled with, in the society ?

Are we even aware of what our image is ?

How do we get it right ?

Identity is the set of characteristics that somebody recognizes as belonging uniquely to himself or herself and constituting his or her personality for life.

Identity as a concept is what distinguishes you from every other person.

In a better sense 

*Identity is what sets you out* and *makes you unique*

*Image*, another concept in this topic is a subset of Identity.

i.e. identity is embedded in image.

It is a feature that helps people understand better what their identity is all about…

*_for example_*

She appeared to me in a track suit *looking (a function of Image)* all energetic and ready to run a mile.

With her boots fitting well to her small feet…

Though she’s never said a thing to me, 

I could *identify* that of course she’s a sports person. 

Now that’s what we are talking about…

*Image* is the totality of somebody’s attitudes, interests, behavior patterns, emotional responses, social roles, and other *individual traits that endure over long periods of time*

Referencing the *FOREWARD*

It’s needless to mention that we should take care of our identity and even more that, we review our current identity..

*Why Understand* or

*Review your Identity ?*

Understanding your identity indicates what you stand for. 

*_”If you don’t stand for one thing, you would fall for everything”_*

I believe many of us here have gotten to a level of personal realization where we can state effortlessly that *This is who I am and this is what I stand for. *We should endeavor to *REview* *REthink* and *REdiscover ourselves*


Many people have tried to unveil the numerous mysteries behind our identity.

Some say *”the way you dress is the way you are addressed”(image)*

Others like myself say,

*_”the true image of a man is not in the mirror but the mind”_*

Some years back, An Actor _Jackie Chan_ produced the film

“`Who Am I“`

The story about a guy who couldn’t remember a thing about who he has been all his life.

With that, he had series of problems because he for one cannot figure out where his life is heading 


For two cannot ascertain what it is to receive and what it is to reject…

*Who Am I ?* – a question easy to mention but hard to figure out..

Hence we proceed to the first mystery..

1. *CONCENTRATION:* This part of Identity is achieved if we can figure out perfectly well what we stand for.

Where many people do not know that understanding this concept helps you concentrate better. 

_Mark Zuckerberg_ is known for simple T-shirt and blue jeans. 

He has several of this. 

When asked, he simply replied. 

_I have many decisions to make and cannot afford to be confused on what to have on._

According to the end part of the definition of image, *The IMAGE OF YOU CAN BE FORMED IN THE MIND.*

A TEENAGER once asked me “What should I do, I am an extrovert but when I try to make friends, people don’t want to talk to me”

What do you think is wrong with her?



She is yet to get it right. She’s confused as to what is it that people see that makes them not want to be her friend cause she’s yet to get the touch of her identity.

Many of us have gotten to where we would buy something and wonder, what do I actually want after seeing varieties of what we want to buy.


Have you asked yourself at one time or the other the question *”What do I really want?”*


If you do not know who you are, you cannot ascertain what you want.


*_A simple illustrative example_*


My name is Jane. I love to sing and I already launched my debut at an event Centre in Ogun state. 

I attend a Church and on one Sunday, two different brothers asked me out. They are nice and lovely in their approach and they both bear Micheal. 

When I asked their full name from my Pastor. 

He said 

1. Micheal Tyson

2. Micheal Jackson. 

Please who should I marry ?  


_Micheal Jackson_

Yes, because you are a singer, your chemistry would naturally go with *Michael Jackson*. Because he would even help you to be better in what you do.

While Michael Tyson can boss your keyboard till it can no longer play and ruin your talent.

He can even get angry at you when you sing your loud song and break your head with just one punch.

That brings me to my second mystery

2. *DECISION:* This attribute of image helps you decide fast and precisely what you would rather prefer and choose in life.

While it’s also very important to know that Life itself is dependent on the decision we make today.

Getting a grip of our identity helps us tremendously.

People who make fast and precise decisions in life fair better.

e.g. *Hairstyle*

Tu Face πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Last skin

Beautiful Nubia πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Dreadlocks

*Song Genre (Type)*

Frank Edward πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Gospel

Davido πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Hip-hop

It’s easy for anyone to identify the aforementioned, based on what they are known for/decided to be known for.


Many get it wrong here most times.

Many get confused.. 

How do we know ?

Who you are/ who you are meant to be is a factor of

1. What you want

2. What your parent wants

3. Your purpose in the society you are. 


4. God. 

Where 4 > 3 > 2 > 1

This context has been debated, especially 3 and 2.

You would imagine *”My parent at this stage of my life”*

Mary got Jesus to turn water to wine at the age of 33… 

You can never outgrow your parent. 

Even if they can’t operate an Android device

But sometimes, we make mistakes as to having a contraposition of the steps..

But to get it right.

We need to consider heavily the following. 

First πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Asking God through prayer and the word of God (Bible in my case)

Second πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Seek your parents opinion (if the need be)

Third πŸ‘‰πŸΏ *Study yourself* and *identify what you want in line with what God wants you to be.*

Fourth πŸ‘‰πŸΏ Look around you (your nation) and get to know what the problem around here is.. 

And how you can be of help? 

Then write it down and follow it with passion.

Really successful people got their identity in the problem they decided to solve. 

*_Mark Zuckerberg – connecting people_*

*_Graham Bell – communication_* 

*_Isaac Newton – electricity (light)_*

*_Nikola Tesla – safe electricity_* 

You – unemployment 

You – information management 

You – good governance

You – economic reform 

You – political transformation 

And many more

This unveils the third mystery 


To succeed in doing or providing (something): to succeed in achieving(something) : to make(something, such as a dream) true or real.

Many hang in the air copying or endeavoring to be like someone else. Or just fit in into an already created system

The sons of Abiola and Bill Gates are not well known because 

It’s a rule 

*48 laws of power – do not step into a big man’s shoe*


Understand that the following factors also gives people a clue to what you are.

“I have been in an environment where people complain that I frown too much whereas that is my normal face. The first time I spoke with a girl in the environment, she confessed that she didn’t know I could be that funny because she and her friends do assume me to be unfriendly and nice. Why?


1. I dress like an adult and they are just children. (DRESSING)

2. I walk like a soldier (GAIT)

3. I don’t talk much (COMMUNICATION)

Which gives an insight to my attitude (the physical mode of response to others while interacting), my interest (what catches your attention), behavior patterns, emotional response, social role etc.

So basically, To get it right after this very stage of your life, you need to analyze all the factors mentioned above while determining your identity.


Though there is nothing called perfect. Yet my Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, there are many things that are perfectly near perfect. 

That is the height you must reach and it shall be well enough

Last mystery we speak of


A good chance for advancement or progress… 

That’s the little among all that a good image and a right identity can offer..

FACILITATOR: Mr Adejare Iyanuloluwa

COMPILED BY: Information Management Department

Β© *_Explanetworks_*



  1. Very informative. I think I will use this to decide who I am. After years of people pleasing I am just deciding on who I am and want to be. Read this at a good time. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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