There’s a general saying that when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade out of it. Life is full of ups and downs, hence it will never throw at you what you want always. It’s left to you to decide what to do with whatever it throws at you. Either you grab it and smile because it’s to your favour or you think about a way you can turn it around to your favour.

let’s consider the key points; *threats* and *opportunities*

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, threat is an expression of intention to inflict evil, injury or damage. An indication of something impending though not pleasant.

Threat I’ll say isn’t something favourable obviously, it doesn’t even sound pleasant. When one or a situation one is involved in is under threat, it either leaves you the option of giving up or putting on your thinking cap to know the next line of action.

I must say, threats do not come without giving you a prior sign, it’s left to you to be vigilant and observant during this period.

Opportunity I’ll simply say is the good chance for advancement or progress. It’s a situation or condition favourable for the attainment of a goal(s)

There’s a popular saying that opportunity comes but once, and when it’s lost, it can never be regained.

I’ll partially agree to that school of thought. For an observant person, you can’t tell me opportunities will appear just once. There are some opportunities that can only be visible through thorough observation and preparation.

If you miss out on one, trust me when  you’re prepared and observant, more will surely  come your way and of course you won’t watch it slip off you.

Another yoruba adage which I will interpret in English says ” if a man takes his mat from you, God will surely place you on a red carpet”, meaning better things are ahead.

Pls don’t get me wrong, I am not saying you should misuse any opportunity that comes your way thinking “oh, all is well, another is coming”. Trust me, it might not come as soon as you expect, it may tarry.

When we say converting threats to opportunities, we simply mean taking advantage of that unpleasant situation to our advantage. Often times we try to avoid any situation that warrants threat just because we don’t want to be caught unawares or swept off our feet. When things don’t turn out as planned, there’s always a better plan. Some just fold their hands and cry “oh God, this is the end, there’s nothing I can do blablabla”, while others see an opportunity to be taken advantage of in that same bad situation.

In the process of converting your threats to opportunities, you must have obviously observed it to know where it’s leading. Threats serve as an opportunity to learn. I’ll be giving a personal experience that happened last week at my work place.


I work in the marketing unit. My colleague and I had some outstanding accounts to be opened. We’ve kept them for a while just because of the excuse that the person who prints passport photos for our accounts was delaying. My boss will ask us say every 3 days about it and we keep giving the same flimsy excuse. Last week Monday after our general Monday meeting, he called both of us and threatened he was gonna send us a query and copy the regional head in it if we don’t get those account packages set for opening. At that point, we knew we had to do something. Even though we had so many things doing, we were able to set our priorities aright. We were able to come up with the fastest means of printing those passports, getting the excel sheet set and all that same day.

None of us wanted a query😊

It wasn’t because we couldn’t get it done earlier, the reason was just bcos there was no driving force attached to it. Let me site another example.


A programmer friend of mine once shared with me how he quickly replaced d landing page of a currency trading website with a page to advertise the websites functionalities as well as presenting links to its social media pages when he suspected the  server would be out for some hours. Servers going down is a threat that could make his company loose it’s customers trust and all. The solution he implemented turned the threat of the website outage into an opportunity to introduce new products and also engage new customers via social media.

When a situation threatens you, it helps you think faster and smarter than you could ever imagine. It also helps you learn new things or say learn how old things can be done in a better way.

As we all know, there’s  recession in the country presently and its a big threat to the economy. It’s a period of reduced economic activity. You can bear witness with me that it has cut into so many areas of survival in this country, but the truth remains that some people are still making it big time. This is because they’ve successfully taken advantage of the situation and thought of the possible ways it can favour them. This is the period where so many people already engaged in various online investments so they could earn more or some kind of business that are indispensable no matter the level of recession, or even I.T.

Just like one of our speakers said earlier this week and I quote “there is need for you to reason within d confines of the box and see the opportunities that lie before you, instead of struggling to think outside the box”. The truth is, if you really look around you like  he said, you’ll be amazed at the kinda opportunities you see. 

We seriously need to be confident and resourceful in the face of challenges. Only the fit can survive. Good things don’t just stroll in to meet you. Just like you see pebbles everywhere, you don’t get to see precious stones like diamond, ruby, Sapphire and the likes around.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this discussion, I said *threats don’t appear without giving you a prior notice,* you must have seen the sign if you’re observant enough. I read a book sometimes ago titled *who moved my cheese* and am sure some of us have too. One of the 4 characters named *Haw* said and I quote *_”smell the cheese often so you know when it’s getting old”._* What he’s trying to tell us is that we should be very observant so things don’t just catch us unawares. This is to enable us prepare ahead of time.

If you want to succeed in this challenging economy, you need to understand your strength, weakness, opportunities and threat(SWOT). Only then will you be able to maximize your efforts for the betterment of yourself and even the environment to which you belong.


Be informed that you can’t reframe all threats into opportunities, but you will be surprised at how many can be reframed if only you would just TRY. Regardless of the kind of threat you’re facing at the moment, all you need to do is to deeply think, open up your mind to strategies and PUSH (apply already mapped out strategy) until you become a Victor.

FACILITATOR: Ms Yetunde Ojo (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Information and Management Department, Explanetworks.
Β© *_Explanetworks_*


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