We all have visions. Big visions, I believe. Because we were made to understand that a man without a vision is a dead man. But sometimes our vision when not broken into proper perspective might trap us.

A basic requirement for success in any endeavour in this life is to have a vision. Before embarking on a task or project you must first determine exactly what you want at the end of the day.

Now this vision is not what your eyes can see, it’s actually what your mind can see. Physical vision is only capable of seeing what already exists, but your mind vision, that is your mindsight has the capacity to see what can happen in your future. Now your mindsight is more powerful than your physical eye sight because there is not as much power in your eyesight to change your future experience as you have in your mindsight. Though what you see with your physical eyes is important as it helps to inspire dreams and ideas about what you want in life, what the eyes of your mind can see however, is actually the production of what your physical eyes enabled you to capture and picture which is very useful to your future.

If you have a very clear physical vision but lack internal vision you can hardly do well in life. If you lack effective mindsight you naturally become a victim of trends and developments in life. You can’t take charge of your life or influence your tomorrow if you lack the capacity to use your inner vision effectively. Those that will be in charge tomorrow are those who already can see today with their inner eyes what they want in their physical lives in the next one to two to five or ten or even twenty five years.

You can’t accomplish much without inner vision, in fact many people perish in life for lack of inner vision. Kings, rulers and those in charge today are those who had clear inner vision about today many years ago. 

Valuable Ambassadors, you would keep being a victim of chance, change and circumstances without a clear inner vision.

How do people come about inner vision you may ask?

Speaking from experience, Your inner vision is conceived and developed based on what your physical eyes can see today and the interpretation your mind gives to it. Your knowledge as of today, the quantum of information you have, your level of exposure and the very many things happening around you will create within you a mental picture of how you want your future to be. They will supply the ingredients required for you to dream, believe and pursue.

Your presence of mind today and the ability to comprehend and interpret your today correctly provides the incubator to secure, mature and bring forth what you see and wish for in your tomorrow.

Valuable Ambassadors ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ


However, because what you see daily keeps changing; the people, the environment, the life styles, preference and taste, it is dangerous and  counterproductive to hold on to the same vision format without effecting regular reviews and edit of that vision, why? Because every vision is for an appointed time. (Rhema!) ๐Ÿ˜€ . I am so confident of my tomorrow because I’ve pictured my future to the extent that I plot and design my path . Sometimes when I let some “feeble minds” into my plans, they see me as a proud man. Some will say “Pythagoras you too get mouth” .๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€  l just laugh because only a visionary person can understand when a man of vision speaks ๐Ÿ˜€. Many of us have carried very exciting and valuable visions in our hearts for a very long time, but because of many factors like fear, distractions,discouragement, lack of confidence and inadequate preparation, the season; the effective timing for that vision has expired. If you birth that same vision today, it will turn out a still birth. It will be a dead on arrival vision. You see, every time you have a vision, and it looks really good and realistic and you get excited about it, if you don’t go for it and you delay it unnecessarily, that vision may become weak and blurry. Time and trends diminish the efficacy of visions.

I’ll give you a good example to buttress more on this. 

In the year 2003 l opened my first email. Am sure many can remember the days of yahoo messenger ๐Ÿ˜€. I had friends who were very excited about browsing then. Dr Timothy (A valuable Ambassador) my very good friend can bear me witness because we used to spend our break money (Lunch Allowance) on 30mins browsing. We use to say that in future we will invest so much money in the cyber cafรฉ business. Today, the most affordable smart phones have in-built cyber cafes within if I can put it that way. Times and seasons have made irrelevant the idea of a cyber cafรฉ business ๐Ÿ˜€. Many people these days, especially we the young people see movies and enjoy music on their various kinds of mobile devices, including, phones, tabs and pads. Many young people don’t watch traditional TV that much anymore. The future of movie makers and other entertainers is in new media; social media.

I remembered this conversation a few days ago when I read on a popular twitter handle called “FACTS” that in five years, watching regular traditional TV globally would have declined by 64% and seeing movies and entertainment and news on new media; that is mobile phones, tabs and pads would have grown by a whopping 256%. Valuable Ambassadors, times are changing, people are changing, trends are changing and every vision is for an appointed time. If you miss your time, your vision may become obsolete even before manifestation.

My Fellow Visioneers, how do you then keep you vision fresh, relevant and realistic no matter the time or season?

Your vision should just not be about what you want for yourself. It shouldn’t be about what you want to gain, benefit or enjoy. It shouldn’t be about what you want to accumulate, acquire or boast about. A forever living vision is such that is conceived to bring solution to a challenge humanity is facing. A great vision seeks to improve the quality of life and experience of mankind. A powerful vision is not self-centred but humanity centred.

A good example is the Valuex Network vision (if you havent joined yet, you can join through the link in our blog. Find the icon when you open

As long as humans remain in this world, there would be needs and gaps. Even if some of these needs have been met, your vision and dream must be centred on superior ways of bringing solutions to that humanity challenge. If for instance your dream is to bring joy and laughter and relaxation to humanity through entertainment, the media avenue wouldn’t in anyway dissuade you or make you give up on that dream. Weather its traditional media or new media, it wouldn’t move you one bit. The passion and desire to entertain people will remain alive and relevant. A vision that is self-centred is usually rigid and transient,  _a vision that is humanity centred is extremely flexible and capable of modification. Valuable Ambassadors, it doesn’t matter  how long you’ve carried that people-centred vision, it doesn’t matter how trends and people might have changed; all you need do is innovate. Rethink it, rejig it, rework it, redesign it, reposition it and reproduce it. It will still work. Every self-centred vision will scare you, it should in fact scare you as the possibility of success and sustainability is low. But every people-centred vision, no matter the times, the season, the environment or trend; once it would solve problems, improve lives and enhance humanity, it will surely prosper.The nature of your vision and your capacity to deliver will prosper your future. *VALUABLE AMBASSADORS* , it is needless, complaining, nagging, criticising and lamenting everyday with your hands folded. As we continue to mount pressure on the political class and those in power to up their game and deliver, you also must bend down and work on your vision, if you don’t, you may just discover it’s too late, you’re too old and your chance is gone. “Don’t get trapped in your vision. Deliver it” 


QUESTION 1. Please what is the difference between having a vision and having a dream?

ANSWER: A *dream* is more or less like fantasizing the future. I mean having a fantasy of how you wish the future will be. While a *Vision* is a picture that is real in your mind and this motivates your actions. A vision makes your act as if your have a script you’re following. While a dream is just wish thinking.
QUESTION 2. Some visions are really very challenging and within you the actualization seems difficult but possible. How do you go about achieving such challenging visions? Best formula or approach?

ANSWER: Every Vision can be broken in stages ๐Ÿ˜€.

Most of us are really preoccupied with the ultimate stage and this naturally scares us๐Ÿ˜€. It is good to be able to see the end from the beginning, but it is better to know how you’ll reach the end from where you are.

*My advice* 

I’ll strongly advise your to break down the ultimate vision to the smallest level you can imagine. Then you start to build. 

E.g. I personally have an ultimate vision of having a *UNIVERSITY OF VALUE*

Where value will be exchanged, expanded and exported. This is like the ultimate. So what am l doing?  I’ve broken it down to the minimum level such that WhatsApp is our starting point. In 30years time you’ll see the physical University of Value. 
QUESTION 3: If your friend is having a vision and you like the idea as well and you decide to develop it, is that a vision or do I say your vision? Or you are just borrowing the idea?

ANSWER: A borrowed vision is limited! 

If you love what someone is doing, it is best to align with such fellow so that you two can promote the vision. You going ahead to start working on another person’s vision automatically makes you a competitor and in such competition, the person who generated it will always be ahead while you play second fiddle. Also you might have a vision and not necessarily the one to eat big from the vision. If you don’t have the capacity to deliver the vision another person who gets wind of it can go ahead to deliver it. *NOSTRADAMUS*( The Man who saw tomorrow) actually saw lots and lots of things, his mind was so powerful that he envisioned the future. One of his popular example was when he said he wished there was a kind of bird that will be carrying people from one place to the other. Today we have Aeroplanes that do just that. So you can have a vision and if you don’t have the capacity someone else who does see through that vision can put life into it and make it work

FACILITATOR: Victor Enamudu (President, Valuex Network,Explanetworks)

COMPILED BY: Information Management Department, ExplanetWorks




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