A BRIEF of EXPLANET (our first blog post)

You’re most welcome!
OUR VISION for VALUEX (an arm of explanet works)

*_”To foster genuine collaboration and partnership among young leaders, to the end that we accelerate progress, creativity, togetherness, focus and restore sanity to our environment._*
*OUR MISSION*: _*To create a platform that inspires and motivates young leaders to add value to themselves and to others_

*€* This is a network that seeks to place us as lights in the midst of the dark world we find ourselves through the right processes.

*¥*This is a network where we would surely discover our hidden potentials and when tapped, we are sure to be projected to the top.

*$* This is a network of young leaders drawn from different backgrounds with the sole aim of making impact.

*¥*This is a network that gives us the opportunity to know more about our creator and enhance our maximum productivity with his creations.

*$* This is the network that gives you  back what you have lost.

*£* This is the network that seeks to improve  our lives. 
*We are interested in*

➡Social life



➡ *Investments*



➡ *Entrepreneurship*



➡ Religion


And more…

*We are working towards having a great network of  young leaders and global professionals*



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