Dealing with the Frequency of Change

Different fields of study have their words for change.

Biologists will talk about evolution. Zoologists talk about hybridization. Physicist,  inertia; Economist keep talking about shift.

Ever wondered what differential calculus in maths is all about ?

Even preachers incessantly say that we are in a constantly changing world.

Change is a natural phenomenon. It is constant and yet, always sought for.

APC was aware of this, they came with the gospel of change and got everyone. God bless ’em 👀

To these words for change from different fields, there is a particular trend. I don’t know if anyone observed that….

_*Ans:*_The shift from one point to another is constant; the fact that a new (different) occasion is got, developing from an old one.

Let me give my own answer 😃

The trend is: There is no particular trend for change.. A preacher will urge you not to go with the ever changing world (speaking of godliness), while  Charles Darwin was ever grateful to evolution (he claims his forefathers were apes (no one wants to be an ape, so he must have felt really blessed by evolution, or he will look just like his forefathers)).

However, each form of change has its own inherent progression, and hence, frequency.

Going by the context of our topic, our change will mean *_”progressive advancement across the globe”_*

A roommate of mine once returned from a party. It was unusually early.

I was like…. You changed your mind or something?

Roommate: No, bf came looking all yellow

Me: He has Jaundice ?

Roommate: I’d stay if he had jaundice

Me: What then is the matter?

Roommate: At first, I thought the sun appeared in person, it took me a few secs before I realized it was bf in yellow shirt, yellow trousers, yellow konshoe and yellow watch. I was mad, so I left him at the party

It was at that point I realized that there were other people in the room. It was a chorus laughter – if there is any such thing

But seriously, to-match was once trendy, but it no longer is. This story brings us to the first reason why the frequency of change needs to be studied and dealt with…

👉🏻 *Boduy

*1. It is important so that we will not be laggards* in important areas of life just like the guy in that gist. If you are not upgraded, you will be downgraded.
*2. For a healthy competition with counterparts across the globe.*

The tragic story of the American Indian will attest to this…

The US government made a long series of treaties with the Indian tribes, particularly in the western portion of the country. The treaties involved many things, but the prime requirement was that they go to reservations. So, they relented and stopped working. They also stopped improving themselves. This practice earned them reservation poverty, lowest per capita income in the country etc….They are way behind other Americans, they lost the ability to compete with other Americans.

Exactly what happens
*3. For acceptance*

My khaki is a real life testimony to that. When others were taking their khaki to young ladies in maami market for adjustment, I took mine to an old man (because he was kinda free compared to others). Little did I know that he did not gain acceptance from other corps members because they felt he wasn’t trendy, and will not give them what they wanted (they made the right assumption).

Thanks to him, my khaki now has one and a half side pockets instead of two.
*4. To earn a good living:*

Yes, people who take action with respect to frequency of change are most often better off than those who do not. Not sure any lady here will be pleased to wash her hair in a salon where there is no wash basin fitted with tap. No one wants to get serious pain on their scruff with excess bending of the neck towards a water outlet, neither will anyone like to get all drippy with water due to improper positioning of a bailer.
*5. For fulfillment:*

No one will possibly get a real nice job with proficiency in typewriting. Proficiency in MS word, MS excel is not even enough these days. Do we agree with that ?

There is this book on habits of highly effective people. 7 habits were listed, the 7th is: *Sharpen the saw (preserve and enhance the greatest asset you have – you)..*

This is what our topic basically entails. Thus, our steps will be centered on sharpening the saw….

The steps are as follows..

*1. Do the neck up feeding:*

In one of his books, Zig talked about mental starvation. I will quote directly from him.

Have you heard about the wood cutter whose production kept going down because he did not take time to sharpen his axe?

Think about this: the average man spends over #6000 per year, dressing up the outside of the hair, shaving inclusive…

Nobody knows what the average woman spends doing the same thing (even I don’t know).

Question is: _*Doesn’t it make sense to spend at least that much time and money dressing up the inside of the head ?*_ 

In fact, it has been discovered that top people and those who are really keeping up with the frequency of change are people who listen and read on regular basis.

Listening to and reading of educative, informative, motivational and inspirational materials keep you informed. It also makes it easier for you to at least observe and be aware of the change going on around you. Things change overnight, one of the reasons why the frequency of change is yet to be measured in hertz.

You need to be aware of change before you think of dealing with it.

*Nathaniel Branden said: the first step toward change is awareness, the second is acceptance…*
*2. Be intelligently ignorant:*

A typical example is Henry Ford.

He conceived the idea of the V-8 engine. He called his engineers together and said, ” Gentlemen, I want you to build a V8 engine. These brilliant men who knew the principles of maths, physics and engineering. For this reason, they objected at first

Well, he was the pioneer. He persisted and after much time and money was spent, lo and behold! a V8 engine was built Impossibility was not included in the old man’s dictionary.

A V8 engine was built because one man was intelligently ignorant enough not to know that something couldn’t be done….

The fact is that intelligently ignorant people are the ones who instigated, and will continue to instigate that change which the masses will continue to deal with.
*3. Be careful of your associates:*

You acquire much of the thinking, mannerisms and characteristics of the people you are around.

Some people are always like – let it remain this way o jare. They have excuses (very handy). Give them a hundred reasons why there should be an advancement, they will give a thousand reasons why going with the flow is not necessary. The opposite of change is stagnation. With such people, you may be heading towards stagnation. 

*4. Give up your old ideas so you can tune in to new ones.*

Don’t be like a guy who sat beside a coal pot…. And with coals and a lighter in his possession, he said to the coal pot – give me heat, I will give you coals and light you up….

 I don’t think it works that way, to deal with that frequency, you should be willing to give some things up…..

As a matter of fact, your mind should be opened to change….

The last but not the least is:


*5. Learn from planet – earth.*

You know what the earth does???

It continues to adjust itself to support our existence.

It revolves round the sun and also rotates about its own axis

Coming from another angle though

NASA says the earth will soon get tired and purge itself of man (man keeps polluting it). Don’t know how true that is 🤔

What I am saying in essence is: *continue to make minor adjustments for major success* Then, Bob’s your uncle (you will be dealing with the frequency of change just perfectly, and of course, in the right way)….
👉🏻 *Conclusion* Allan Watts said: The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join in the dance…

That makes point 5 almost indispensable.

So, that’s it..

Deal with the frequency of change.
FACILITATOR: Ms Pelumi Olaosun (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

© _*Explanetworks*_


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