Becoming a MASTER of your GAME

We begin with question 👉 *In a competition, you are expected to move from a pillar of height 5m  above sea level (situated on a sea) to another pillar of height 5m  above sea level (also situated on a sea) and the gap between between the two pillars is 6m. You were given just a rope. How will you crossover*? Guess I got you all thinking !!🤔🤔🤔

The reinforcement rods projected out from the two two pillars

My question is where am I?

Standing on the  top of one of the pillars

Where am I? If am in the water, I don’t have a rope.

How long is my rope?


Okay. What’s the dimension of my pillar?

5m height each above see level

What I mean is like the thickness of my pillar?

60*60mm rigid enough

Seems the puzzle is hard but I want us to get something from it.

Exactly. where am i?

On the top of one pillar

The way out seems simple to me.

For the sake of time, let’s go on. Connecting the rope to the projected rods of the two pillars will seem difficult but constant trial you will definitely connect them and crossover. This is simply the game of life. During the process of trying to connect the rope to the two pillars, it’s possible that you will fail several times but in each failure you learn how to do it better and you will definitely get it. *that’s a success in mastering the causes of your failure*

The great men and women,celebrities,people of renowned, amazing and sounding achievements and successes which you and I always aim to be greater than didn’t just conceive an idea and fast-followed it without obeying certain principles or rules of the game and build on the indispensable pre-requisite that will help in actualising their visions/goals. That mental picture (vision) you have or that you want to see yourself is a game. It’s either you win by achieving it and vice versa. Let’s understand the key words in the topic.

BECOMING: This is simply a process or an act of being that which you want to be. The word process marks becoming as a stage-based factor or a chronological series.

MASTER: Someone who has total control over something or someone.

GAME: This is a competitive activity described by a set of rules/principles/regulations having an explicit goal-to win or to lose.

 Note 👉 “Life cannot  think ,work or see for you but life can only teach you according to your dealings- positively or negatively ,whichever way, you alone can create it” Life is the greatest professor!!

You can truly see where you are meant to be going when you have discovered yourself. The power of self discovery is far beyond human comprehension. This boils down to knowing why you exist and working  assiduously and audaciously inline with the vision that your discovered self has placed before you. As becoming is a process, these stratified layers of it are quite imperative.

1. Understand  and know yourself (prov16:22) this gives life to your vision and life.

2. Discover yourself

3. Set on track your discovered self.

4. Pray about it.

Note this : great people believe,”I create my life”,others outside the room of greatness believe”life happens to me”.Where do you belong?

1. Constant learning and thinking

2. Experience: Experience is not what happened to you but what you do with what happened to you. In the process of working towards your becoming, you will definitely learn things that will aid your vision. Work with them both the good and bad lessons. *Hope we copy?*

3. People around you: your thinking and life attitude will always remain within the limit of the people around you.Surround yourself with positive people who are above you(that will cause you  to think out of your scope), positive people within your mind scope and a young star below your mind scope-they need your training and they also have ideas to give you.

4. Failures: Great discoveries are rooted on this factor. Many despise it, hate it but the truth remains that, failure does not mean the end unless you define it as such. Learn from its occurrence and project forward with your vehicle of becoming.

5. Think out of the average limit: this is the leading factor of my life and my second secret of success after God. I want you to know that there  are people and there are people. Somebody out there has also gone through what you want to embark on; though some failed, some got to the apex and some are still on the ladder. Do not copy them, rather learn from their mistakes, critically analyse their path ,processes and output and then position your becoming to be above them. Try and think out of the general box because most people are average minded. It’s only the above-average minded people that create the attention and the wonders that you and 1 always imagine. Think out of the general box and do not root your becoming on what people are already. Create a difference.

Note 👉” *If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible”*. Guess you copy?

6. Master your fears: Courage is not the absence of fear but the control and mastery of fear. The principal difference between the brave and coward is that the brave disciplines him/herself to get into the fearful situation and sail through. But a coward remains confided in the wall of fears without lifting a finger.Fear is learned and can be unlearned through the system of self discipline and attempts. Fear paralyzes action.

Aristotle(my mentor philosopher) taught me that ” to develop a quality that you lack, act as if you already had that quality in every situation where it is called for. I will say,” fake it until you get it”. Walk through the fears you encounter in the process of your becoming, believe and catch it.

7. Take 100% responsibility of your life: Don’t blame anybody for whatever outcome you see, be responsible for it. Blame brings about lack of peace of the mind.

8. Be focussed: You cannot manage time rather you manage yourself. Stick firm to what you want to become, always see yourself there, always see yourself doing that and never give up. Believe you will win the game even if nobody encourages you, motivate and encourage yourself. What you say to yourself determines what yourself will say to you when you have arrived. 

Note : There is never enough time to do everything but there is always enough time to do the most important things.

9. Do it: Don’t just let the vision exist in the mind rather, lunch into action after planning and breaking it into achievable stages. Little by little will result to a big amazing output.

10. Be prayerful: Only God will see you through in all you do and he alone can grant success to your endeavours. In your career be it academics, business etc the above rules are very important. A mastery of them determines your great success tomorrow.

In conclusion, whatever you have designed in your mind, that becoming agenda or arrangement or whatever you are already is a game having much competitors all working towards the trophy- the pay for achieving it greater. You either win by actualizing it or you lose by not achieving it. Your victory is solely dependent on your capacity to play according to the rules of your game otherwise you will be disqualified.

FACILITATOR: Mr Okafor Obiora (Valuex Member)

COMPILED BY: Valuex Information Management Department

…Explanet Works ©


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